Maslany arrived to her first audition on Rollerblades, tossing out a casual, “Hey guys.” […] Armed only with a handful of discrete accessories (glasses for Cosima, a cardigan for Alison), Maslany transformed herself from woman to woman in front of everyone, her process totally bared. Calling it scary, Maslany immediately qualifies that by adding, “I’ve never had so much fun in an audition room and been so hungry for it. I was so hungry for the part I just kind of went, ‘Whatever, I don’t care how stupid I look.’ ” [x]

ellie goulding - hard 2012

@actuallygrimes: Btw im not the one who scratched the sides. Ps this vehicle will be hitting vancity craigslist in the near future keep an eye open! Luxury interiors but needs a lot of work electrical and body haha its ptob better sold for parts but it looks cool

 I hate when people casually say ‘star’ and ‘celebrity’, those words are like puke in my mouth.